Antonín Raymond 7×

23/10/15 - 11/12/15
Antonín Raymond 7×

Antonin Raymond, born in Kladno, Czech Republic, (1888-1976) is among the most interesting Czech architects of the 20th century. He began his career in the studio of Cass Gilbert during the construction of the first skyscraper in New York, then he was assistant to Frank Lloyd Wright building the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo, his studio was founded in 1921 (studio has been continuously working until present days, led by Raymond's successor Shigefumi R. Tsuchiya). The architect´s lifelong support was his wife, artist Noémi, who besides their own projects participated at the works of Raymond.



The exhibition at the Jaroslav Fragner Gallery and afterwards in the Gallery of Architecture in Brno will present incredibly rich expressive range at the selected buildings in Japan and the Philippines and will introduce his life and work. The opening will be a series of short lectures, which will presented for instance by Shigefumi R. Tsuchiya, historian Irena Veverková or David Vavra, a co-author of the exhibition and author of the architectural design.


The exhibition is supported by the Japan Foundation.