BNTHMCRWL: Infrastructure, Public buildings and Workspace

17/04/19 - 07/06/19
Jaroslav Fragner Gallery
BNTHMCRWL: Infrastructure, Public buildings and Workspace

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For more than three decades, Benthem Crouwel Architects (BCA) has been creating innovative, flexible and effective designs that must also meet the stringent and complex requirements of end users. The studio’s field of operations covers (public) buildings, infrastructure projects and urban planning. Whether renovating or modernising existing buildings, or designing entirely new structures, BCA enjoys a reputation of always seeking precise, unique, and effective solutions. Some of BCA’s designs are conservative, such as Amsterdam’s expanded Anne Frank House, while others are purposefully more progressive, such as Germany’s Bergbau Museum and the Ziggo Dome in the Netherlands. And in a number of projects the studio has also demonstrated that a combination of old and new elements can lead to highly sustainable buildings, which are harmonised with their surroundings, and which can also be utilised in a variety of new ways.


Both old and new buildings alike serve as components of the overall urban morphology, and this is something that BCA clearly understands and respects. The studio continues to develop architectural solutions that revive the character of urban areas, thus contributing towards a better future quality of life. Unexpected beneficial qualities often emerge during the building design and planning process, providing a fresh impetus for improving and reviving urban areas and improving the functionality of buildings for end users.


BCE’s lecture presentation in the Czech Republic will primarily be oriented towards infrastructure projects. It will present examples of notable buildings with a view to inspiring both Czech industry