prague / sustainable architecture

19/09/20 - 31/10/20
SmetanaQ, Smetanovo nábřeží 4, Praha 1
prague / sustainable architecture

exhibition of thirty realizations and projects

accessory Czech-English pocket guide book


opening and launching of the guide book as part of the 9th Bethlehem Cultural Night and Zažít město jinak platform on Saturday 19 September at 7 pm


The exhibition and accessory architectural guide book Prague / Sustainable Architecture present over thirty projects that prove that sustainability is becoming a strong topic for Prague and that if investors and architects find common ground, quality urbanism, public space, or apartment complexes can be created. It follows the PragueScape guide, which introduced 56 public gardens, parks, squares, playgrounds, and swimming pools (2018). The introductory texts are focusing on climate, transport, and forthcoming projects. The publication was created in cooperation with the capital city of Prague and the Institute of Planning and Development of the city of Prague.