lecture / roger diener

lecture / roger diener





Two distinguished exhibitions of contemporary Swiss architecture will be presented in Jaroslav Fragner Gallery in March within the framework of the multigenre project Swiss Spring – sustainable Swiss architecture and realizations from the francophone parts of the country.

The exhibitions will be opened in Bethlehem Chapel on Thursday 7th March at 7 p.m. in the presence of two leading architects Roger Diener and Mathias Müller, whose buildings are presented in the exhibition Swiss Positions in the category devoted to urban architecture. Studio Diener & Diener Architects is presented by the office building Forum 3 in Basel (completed in 2005), architects Müller and Niggli from the EM2N studio by the reconstruction of viaduct arches for cultural and commercial activities in Zürich (completed in 2010). EM2N are also authors of the new building Keystone in Prague Karlín (completed in 2012). There is a free entry to the lectures, but it is necessary to make a reservation of a place on michael.hochreutener@eda.admin.ch before 25th February.

Information about the exhibition Swiss Positions is here.


Another information about the series of lectures under the program of contemporary swiss architecture is here.