Burian – Křivinka, Petr Pelčák, Rusín & Wahla / Buildings and Designs 2009–2019

20/10/21 - 14/11/21
Jaroslav Fragner Gallery
Burian – Křivinka, Petr Pelčák, Rusín & Wahla  / Buildings and Designs 2009–2019

The exhibition presents the work of three leading Brno architecture studios. Aleš Burian, Gustav Křivinka, Petr Pelčák, Tomáš Rusín, and Ivan Wahla belong to a generation that started their professional careers at the turn of the 1980s and 90s and very soon had the opportunity to independently design and realize their buildings. Not only connected by their generational affiliation, they also share similar values, which are reflected in their work and give them an outstanding position on the map of contemporary Czech and Central European architecture. Although the work of each of the three design studios is specific, it shows common ground and characteristic features including the search for new ways of interpretation of the architecture and construction traditions, respect for the place and context, as well as interest in the material and crafts aspects of building.

Their work is evidence of the paradox that it is possible to be conservative and modern at the same time. Their architecture is characterized by a certain solidity that is nevertheless not staid: they can transform classical tradition, smooth modernist elegance, and inspiration by anonymous builders’ architecture into a contemporary and functional new unity. Their buildings serve people well, inter alia because they are intelligible and do not lose a human scale even when the size of the building seems to exclude it. The consideration they show to humans is similar in the case of location and landscape. It is therefore not surprising that buildings of the exhibiting architects have won Czech and international awards and obtained several nominations for the European Award for Contemporary Architecture – the Mies van der Rohe Award.

The exhibition in the Brno House of Arts presents a selection of completed buildings and still unrealized designs from the past ten years in plans, photographs, models, and video projections. Three monographs in Czech and English have been published in connection with the exhibition, conveying the current work of each of the three studios. Each monograph is introduced by a critical essay by Jana Tichá, followed with a selection of buildings commented by the designers. David Židlický is the graphic designer of the richly illustrated publications.