Architektura mimo tradiční centra

01/04/12 - 01/04/14
Architektura mimo tradiční centra

The aim of the project is to establish and develop partnership between those individual subjects, who are generating architecture outside of traditional centres. The project will emphasise active involvement of all partners, cooperation with practicing architects and offices as well as foreign activities. There will be field trips and visits abroad, workshops and studios with participation of foreign and domestic experts, practical training and internships of students and summer schools as parts of the project. A common communication platform for the exchange of information and experience will be introduced. New relations, mainly with foreign partners, are expected to be generated in the course of the project. The subject of our interest is architecture from the period of about the last twenty years. We are interested in buildings and other works of architecture that emerged outside of traditional centres, preferably in small to medium sized villages and towns, as well as in the open landscape. 

The target group of the project is consisting mainly of students of architecture, academics and other specialists in education and research of architecture. The main benefit for this target groups lies in the widening of the general knowledge in the field of architecture outside of traditional centres, a phenomenon that is frequently unjustly neglected despite its profound everyday influence on many of us. 
There are five project partners participating. The leading project partner is the Technical university of Liberec, Faculty of Art and Architecture. The other project partners are: ARCHITECTURA Association, Knesl & Kynčl Architects, Kamil Mrva Architects and SPEV Association.

The project is structured into five key activities:
Key Activity 1              
Field trips, visits, seminars and conferences abroad
Included are 16 shorter field trips, 4 longer visits and participation in 12 conferences abroad.
The expected output will be 16 reports from field trips, 4 booklets as well as electronic recordings covering the trips and visits in visual and written form.
Key Activity 2              
Domestic workshops and seminars with foreign experts
Included are 46 workshops, seminars, studios and exhibits as well as the final conference of the project.
The expected output will be 46 case studies and two books.
Key Activity 3              
Implementation of an interactive communication platform
Included is an interactive website as well as a structured collection of photographic, video and sound recordings, covering selected activities of the project.
Key Activity 4              
Practical training and internships of students in the Czech Republic and abroad
The expected output will be a catalogue with 40 architectural student projects, case studies and other works.
Key Activity 5              
Summer schools of architecture
Included are two summer schools, each for 20 or more students and 10 or more professionals, resulting into two complex architectural projects.
Please feel free to contact us for further details.
Professor Jiří Suchomel
Head of the Project,
Technical University of Liberec Faculty of Art and Architecture
Studentská 2, 461 17 Liberec, Czech Republic