Support under the Fund for bilateral cooperation at the national level

08/05/15 - 18/05/15

Business trip, an expert seminar, co-ordination meetings and inspecting the preparation for the joint Czech-Norwegian project "The Norwegian tourist routes — architecture and management — inspiration for the country."

8 to 18 May 2015



support under the Fund for bilateral cooperation at the national level/

EEA grants, Norwaygrants






> Dan Merta, director of GJF, head of the project


external associates and contributors/


> Prof. Petr Kratochvíl, Faculty of Architecture, Technical University of Liberec (further FA TUL) — expert guarantor of the project

> Renata Vrabelová, architect and publisher of guides on architecture heritage – coordinator of the project vydavatel průvodců po architektonickém dědictví — koordinátor projektup

> Andrea Pujmanová, student of  FA TUL — executive producer of the project




purpose of the travel/


Preparation for the implementation of a joint project in 2015 - 2016.

Professional coordination meetings and a survey of key architectural information centres of Norwegian Tourist Routes (further NTR) that extremely innovatively solved


The trip to Norway was a preparing for a joint Czech-Norwegian project ArtscapeNorway who has been granted a subsidy within the EEA and Norwegian Funds program CZ06.

The aim of the project "ArtscapeNorway - overlapping aspects of art in public space and landscape in Norway as an inspiration for the Czech Republic" is the realization of the exhibition project photos and video art presentation on the premises of the GJF, publishing of a catalogue and organization of a joint bilateral workshop in Prague. The project is intended for the general public, experts - theoreticians and artists active in the visual arts, architecture, landscaping, students of fine arts, architecture, art management and ecology and representatives of local, regional and national authorities.




partners for the bilateral travel to Norway/


> National Museum of Architecture in Oslo (NMA)

— Eva Madshus — curator of the architecture collection

>  NationalTouristRoutes (NTR)

— TrineKanterZerwekh — head of the information and PR department

— Per Ritzler — spokesman and international affairs

> Škola architektury Bergen/ Bergen Arkitekthogskole (BAS)

— Sixten Rahlff — vice rector

> Galerie architektury ROM/ Gallery ROM Oslo (ROM)

— Henrik der Minassian — director of the gallery




programme of the travel/


This extensive project requires a thorough training and a close cooperation with the Norwegian side. Therefore, BAS as the main partner of the proposed study tour program consisting of one expert meeting on the theoretical issues of contemporary architecture in Norway in relation to tourism (NMA, Eva Madshus - curator of architecture), one expert seminar on the phenomenon of NTR, their construction, management and PR (NTR), and TrineKanterZerwekh Per Ritzler. Further BAS SixtenemRahlffem - vice-rector), we discussed the specific way of cooperating on a project that will be implemented in the Czech Republic. A part of the tour was a visit to tourist information centres and points to NTR, which lies on the move between Lillehammer, Bergen, Stavanger and Kristiansund. The route selection and places to visit were consulted at a meeting in the centre of NTR as well as directly with the authors of some stopping ponts in the 3rw studio. During the travel there was continuously acquired photographic and film documentation for purposes of the final outputs of the project - upcoming exhibition, training seminar and educational programs at TUL and information projects of the GJF.



meaning of the travel for the project and future collaboration /


The experience gained during this trip will be of a great help not only to the preparation of a specific set of joint Czech-Norwegian events in 2015 and 2016 (exhibition in GJF, expert seminar on the FA TUL), but will contribute to deepening the long-term bilateral cooperation between the GJF and FUA TUL on one side BAS, NMO, GRO and NTR on the other one.

For BAS and FA TUL the implementing of this project means a basis for developing of further cooperation in the framework of coordination of study programs, exchange of students, teachers and know-how. the GJF gallery as an institution dedicated to modern and contemporary architecture confirms through this project and working meetings with Norwegian partners its sustained interest in a bilateral cooperation with Norway, which began some years ago and which it intends to develop in the future. Upcoming events will be open to Czech professionals and the general public to contribute to the promotion of tourism through the promotion of quality architectural works. 



travel description and visited places/


8. 5. 2015/ travel to Helsingor via Germany and Denmark — accommodation in Helsingor


When passing through Copenhagen we saw some realization of the BIG studio, with a focus on addressing the issue of housing in the city, in the context of the landscape and the landscaping of public areas.



9. 5. 2015/ Helsingor — Oslo


visited buildings/

Helsingor (DK) — housing complex/ Jørn Utzon

Helsingor (DK) — Meritime Museum / BIG, (adr/ Kronborg 1A, 3000 Helsingore) 

Sarpsburg — Solberg Tower & Rest Area / Saunders Architecture

Mortensrud — Kostel v Mortensrudu / Jensen &Skodvin Arch., (adr/ Helga VaneksVei 15, 1281 Oslo)



10. 5. 2015/ Oslo


Visiting of the waterfront in Oslo, residential-solved public space, parts of which are still in the implementation stage, and culminating in a building AstrupFearnley museums by Renzo Piano, with art installations on adjacent lawns and wooden piers whose system serves as an open public swimming pool.


meeting / Norwegian National Museum of Architecture - Eva E. Madshus - chief curator for architecture

The topic of the meeting with chief curator Eva Madshus was the role of museum of architecture in public awareness of the importance of architecture as part of everyday culture and social life, with a particular focus on the implementation of contemporary Norwegian architecture in relation to tourism. The Norwegian National Museum of Architecture deals with the presentation of architecture, its development and the role in society.



meeting / Gallery ROM - Henrik der Minassian - Director of the ROM gallery

The ROM Gallery deals with the preparation and presentation of exhibitions on architecture – a way of promoting of contemporary Norwegian architecture and its acceptance by the general public. A tour of the current exhibition called Snapshots - an exhibition of selected Norwegian architectural firms with their contributions to modern architecture, the way the definition and development of settlements in the current socio-economic conditions. The exhibition is accompanied by a series of debates.


visited buildings/

Oslo — Muzeum AstrupFearnley / Piano, (adr/ Strandpromenaden 2, Oslo)

Oslo — Oslo Opera House / Snøhetta, (adr/ KirstenFlagstadsPlass 1, Bjorvika, Oslo)

Fornebu — Nansen Park / Bjørbekk & Lindheim, (adr/ Forneburinger, Baerum)



11. 5. 2015/ Oslo — Hamar — Lillehammer


meeting / The Norwegian Public Roads Administration – Trine Kanter Zerwekh - Head of information and publicity and Per Ritzler - Spokesperson and International Relations

Meeting Manager with representatives of the National Office of hiking trails, dedicated NTR phenomenon: the emergence of the idea of hiking trails, site selection, preparation process, challenge young architects, cooperation with municipalities, the process of designing and building a tourist stop. Results and feedback to the general public, the impact on the local community, the impact on the economy of a region or locality. Role NTR, management and PR.


visited buildings/

Hamar — Hedamrk Museum (adr/ Strandveien 100, 2315 Hamar)

Lillehammer — Olympijský stadion

Lillehammer — Olympia parken Event (adr/ Nordsetervegen 45 2609 Lillehammer)

Lillehammer — Muzeum umění v Lillehammeru/ Snøhetta (adr/ Stortorget 2, Lillehammer)



12. 5. 2015/ Lillehammer — Rondane — Lom


visited buildings/

Rondane — NTR

pozorovatelna losů/ Snøhetta



13. 5. 2015/ Lom — Sognefjellet — Bergen


visited buildings/

Sognefjellet — NTR



14. 5. 2015/ Bergen a okolí


meeting/ Sixten Rahlff —  vice rector BAS


A meeting with Sixten Rahlff and his colleagues in the 3rw architekter architectural studio. The 3rw studio is one of the architectural studies, which were invited to attend and to participate in processing of architectural and landscape solutions to several sites under the national tourist routes.

The debate over the ongoing projects, presentation of projects within the NTR: NTR way of working with, getting acquainted with places to stop, philosophies and concepts for each execution, access architect from the perspective of intervention in the landscape. Expectations and results.


visited buildings/

Hardanger — NTR



15. 5. 2015/ Bergen


meeting/ Sixten Rahlff — vice rector BAS

A visit the school of architecture, which was founded in 1986 as an alternative to the two state schools of architecture in Norway. The school focuses on the education of young architects to work in the western region of Norway, taking local specificities building traditions and climate into account. The Building School in Sandviken in Bergen is an example of how abandoned industrial buildings or areas can be used for new porposes: the school is located on the waterfront in the former industrial area where, with a major contribution of students, there appear in parts studios, workshops, lecture rooms and other premises architecture school from an original grain silo.


visited buildings/

Bergen — Fish Market in Bergen/ Eder Biesel Arkitekter (adr/ Strandkaien 3, Bergen)

Bergen — Grønneviksøren Student Apartments/ 3RW Arkitekter

Bergen — Tubakuba Mountain Hub/ OPA Form

Bergen — Knarvik Kirke/ Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter



16. 5. 2015/ Bergen — Stavanger


visited buildings/

Jorpeland — PreikestolenMontainLodge/ Helen & Hard Arch.

Stavanger — obytný soubor/ Helen & Hard Arch.

Stavanger — obytné soubory v přístavu

Stavanger — TOU Scene/ Helen & Hard Arch.

Stavanger — Geopark/ Helen & Hard Arch.

Stavanger — Norwegian Petroleum Museum (adr/ Kjeringholmen 1, 4004 Stavanger)



17. 5. 2015/ Stavanger — Kristiansand


visited buildings/

Sandnes — Lanternpavillion / AWP Atelier Oslo (adr/ Langgata 13, 4307 Sandnes)

Jaeren — NTR

Kristiansand — KildenPerforming centre/ ALA Architects (adr/ Sjølystveien 2, 4610 Kristiansand)



18. 5. 2015/ Kristiansand — Aarhus — Praha



Summary of the travel and the final outcome of the bilateral path /


1 / meetings with the partners of the future project ArtscapeNorway

2 / confirmation of their partnership and cooperation in the project ArtscapeNorway specification of their involvement in the project

3 / visit of locations that will be presented in the project ArtscapeNorway

4 / confirmation of the ideological purpose and significance of the project for application in the Czech Republic