Built in mountains / new buildings in swiss mountains

23/03/16 - 15/05/16
Built in mountains / new buildings in swiss mountains

The project was supported within the Partnership Fund under the Swiss-Czech Cooperation Programme.


Contemporary architecture as a partner of mountain landscape. Is it possible also to apply the basic principles used in the Swiss Confederation to the Czech Republic?

You can download the catalogue from conference here.


Brno – exhibitions Constructive Alps + Built in Mountains – 23/03 - 04/04/16
Prague – exhibitions Constructive Alps + Built in Mountains – 08/04/16 - 15/05/16
             – lecture Barbara Keller a Samuel Netočný – 07/04/2016
Liberec – Bilateral  Czech – Swiss conference – 30/4/2016



Constructive Alps/

Produced by Alpines Museum der Schweiz in Bern


Built in Swiss Mountains/

Produced by Jaroslav Fragner Gallery & Architecture Centre Brno


Constructive Alps 2015


Award for Sustainable Architecture for Reconstruction and New Buildings in the Alps (Alpenweiter Architekturpreis für nachhaltiges Sanieren und Bauen).www.constructivealps.net  Awarded realisations present various aspects and problems of sustainability of buildings in the Alpine space from the view of technical solution and underlining of the nature context in the case of new realisation, renovations or reconstructions of housing, industrial or public objects.


Built in Swiss Mountains

40 selected examples of important projects realised in the Swiss Alps from various views: landscape, infrastructure, culture and social facilities, sport & relax, housing. Represented architects and studios – Peter Zumthor, Mario Botta, Gion A. Caminada, Valerio Olgiati, Bearth & Deplazes Architects, EM2N, Gigon+Guyer, seARCH, Baserga Mozzetti  Architetti, Savioz Fabrizzi, Corinna Menn,  Peak, Miller & Maranta Architects, Mierta & Kurt Lazzarini Architekten, Heinz Julen, Conzett Bronzini Gartmann, Charles Pictet, Actescollectifs Architectes, frundgallina



Bilateral  Czech – Swiss conference


30th April 2016 /10 am – 7 pm/ The Faculty of Art and Architecture TU Liberec, auditorium G312

free entry, simultaneous interpretation provided, registration needed: rezervace@gjf.cz


lecturing experts/


Nicola Baserga / Baserga Mozzetti Architetti

Ivan Koleček / Ivan Koleček Architekti

Daniel Ladner / Bearth & Deplazes Architects

Robert Mair / Universität Liechtenstein

Christoph Sauter / Christoph Sauter Architekten



Zdeněk Fránek / FUA TU Liberec

Kamil Mrva /Kamil Mrva Architects

Martin Rajniš/ Huť architektury

Jiří Suchomel / FUA TU Liberec

Filip Šenk / FUA TU Liberec





7th April 2016 / Jaroslav Fragner Gallery, Prague



Barbara Keller – curator of the Alpines Museum der Schweiz

Samuel Netočný – architect (SK, AT)




Bern, Sion, Monte Carasso, St. Moritz, Chur, Valendas, Vrin, Vals



Architectura – Jaroslav Fragner Gallery, Prague


in cooperation with/

Alpines Museum der Schweizv Bernu

Fakulta umění a architektury TU Liberec

Stavební fakulta VUT Brno

Fakulta architektury ČVUT Praha

Galerie Architektury Brno

Centrum architektury


supported by/

Swiss Confederation

 Ministry of Culture of CR

State Fund of Culture

Czech Architecture Foundation


AED projekt






Barbara Keller – curator of the exhibition Constructive Alps / Alpines Museum der Schweiz

Renata Vrabelová – curator of the exhibition Built in Swiss Mountains / Architecture Centre Brno

Dan Merta – director / Jaroslav Fragner Gallery, Prague