Robotic workshop: 3D printed chardelier EAB #4

15/06/19 - 17/06/19
Fakulta architektury, ČVUT
Robotic workshop: 3D printed chardelier   EAB #4

3D Printed Chandelier | robotic workshop

Manuel Jimenez García | Bartlett; madMdesign
Starsk Lara | IAAC; Noumena

► 700 CZK / 27 EUR

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► Manuel Jimenez García is the co-founder and principal of madMdesign, a computational design practice based in London, and the co-founder of Nagami, a robotic manufacturing startup based in Spain. He is programme director of Architectural Computation, and co-founder of Design Computation Lab. He also runs Research Cluster 4 at the MArch Architectural Design and curates Plexus, a multidisciplinary lecture series based on computational design.

► Starsky Lara is product development Engineer, with experience in manufacturing, computer science, VR and IoT, Master of Advanced Architecture (M.Arch) at IaaC and Master in Product Engineering and Manufacturing Processes (M.ENG) at UPC. In 2013, he became part of Noumena by developing NERO Gh . Currently he is the software and hardware developer of Noumena. He lead the VR-Edge, which is a Virtual reality tool for Web, The Robotic implementation for data collecting and as well Is the project Manager of Wasp-Hup Barcelona.


Workshop will be held at Faculty of Architecture, CTU in Prague, from 15. 6. 10:00 to 17. 6. v 19:00.